The CandyKite Offer

Get Access to Our Comprehensive Services

At CandyKite, we offer complete website management packages that allow you to forget about your site. 

Our motivated and passionate team of professionals strive hard to make your online presence thrive, so from website design and development to content creation and social media marketing, we’ve got you covered.

Our leading support team are here 24/7 to take care of your online presence and reduce a heavy load of website maintenance and social media management from your shoulders. 

We, at CandyKite, are defined solely by the success of our clients, in line with this, we make sure that you can comfortably concentrate on providing the best services to your consumers, while never worrying about your online reputation. 

Our teams have extensive expertise in WordPress, content writing, SEO and social media marketing. 

Whether it’s articles written by your business and optimised by us or content written by us and approved by you, our written content team will help you build a cornerstone for your marketing strategy. 

Then, our WordPress team will present your content in a bespoke way, and our social media marketing team will promote it to your audience.  

How can we help?

We know that maintaining and managing a website can be a consuming task, and finding a reliable website manager can be tough. However, with our monthly website management plans, you will save time and increase your income. 

With custom plans, whether you have a small business or a full-scale enterprise, we have a website management plan for you.

Our plans include:

Website Designing and Development

  • Modern and innovative designs 
  • SEO friendly features 
  • Fast loading times
  • CRM integrations
  • Optional sales content 
  • A whole host of innovative design features

Website and Social Media Management 

  • Ongoing SEO
  • Content updates and changes
  • Article writing and optimising 
  • Integrations

Hosting Services

  • Fast, reliable hosting 
  • Daily backups 
  • Weekly updates (for security)
  • SSL certificates

Website Design and Development

A modern website with new functionality, and a sugar-sweet look will help your business get to the highs- in today’s internet-driven climate your online presence is one of THE most important aspects of your business.

Our developers produce websites that aim to offer a clear, consistent and highly engaging user experience, that increases online leads and sales to an unseen level that allows your business to flourish.

Website Management

Apart from website design and development services, the central aspect of our plans, is to keep your website content updated.

Old and not so informative content has a minimal impact on your customers and a negative effect on your domain authority- this will make it considerably more difficult to rank high on search engines. With our management plan, our team makes sure to regularly update your website content and follow the latest SEO practices to make your website perform well on search engines. 

As well as this, our marketing team performs an in-depth competitor analysis and using the latest innovations and techniques takes your business to the next level.

Hosting Services

We also provide fast, reliable hosting, software updates and backups- so nothing ever goes wrong.

What now?

Depending on your business requirement, you can choose the best-suited plan for your business here; we also provide customised website management plans, feel free to contact sales for more info.

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